Waste Water Treatment

Wash Water Reclamation

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Wash Water Reclamation – The Oasis range

The Oasis range of wash water reclamation systems has been developed in response to a growing requirement for the recycling of commercial wash down water. Whether the requirement be financial or environmental the Oasis range has the system to suit your needs. With more standard features than any other system an Oasis wash water reclaim will provide you with excellent quality recycled water for your wash down facility. Systems include the ground breaking Enzymatic – A system capable of recycling pressure washer effluent on a closed loop basis producing excellent quality water for reuse. Systems available to allow continued washing during drought conditions and hose pipe bans.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Here are an example of the wastewater treatment plants available through Complete Services  Ltd. These units are built to order and are based on the clients requirements. Waste water capture and treatment is a growing industry with demand strengthening each year. Pollution issues caused by waste water and the value of water is being realised globally.


Recent photo of a waste water Treament plant  installed


The main motor and processing plant


At Complete Services we specialise in waste water capture and waste water treatment

Waste Water Treatment

It is interesting to note that waste water treatment varies by location and many local authorities still do not have regulations in place to enforce protection of their storm water outlets to stop pollutants being poured down them. Contractors, painters, engineering, mechanical workshops and so on are hosing contaminants down the stormwater outlets and polluting local streams and rivers on a regular basis.

Waste water treatment is widely accepted overseas and enforced in many areas thus providing safer environments for future generations.

It is time for New Zealanders to stand up and be counted by setting an example for the future and capturing waste water. There are many methods of capturing waste water and preparing it for treatment and we would be happy to discuss with you the options.

At Complete Services Ltd we can provide tailored solutions for waste water and contaminants capture plus the treatment  or disposal of same, safely and environmentally effectively.

We were very impressed with the Clenco vac boom when it was demonstrated recently in our  auto shop. The machine did a great job of preventing the wet sandings and dust from going down the stormwater. Cheers Keith

– Keith