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May 21

What is Pollution Control System

What is Pollution Control Waste Water Capture system?

Our pollution Control System is a dynamic new system to New Zealand, that stops waste water from running down the stormwater drains and causing harmful pollution to our waterways and rivers.

The water capture unit is also an effective spill containment system for many hazardous materials and chemicals including oil giving this dynamic unit a dual application in the market place. Suited for businesses and individuals for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications where chemicals and fluid waste run off cannot be disposed down the local storm water drain.


The waste water treatment system  comes with a hollow, flexible core (25mm in diameter) that is layed on the ground to encircle the work area and to capture 100% all the waste liquids.  During use, the boom is connected by a 8 meter  vacuum hose to the portable wet vacuum recovery unit.

When the wet vacuum system is initiated, the Pollution Control System seals itself to the surface to form an impervious barrier for all liquids. At the same time the waste water is sucked into the core  into the sump of the vacuum unit.

The vacuum unit is equipped with an automatic pump out system that disperses the waster water into a holding tank, a filter unit or the local sewer*. The unit in effect is a dam that completely captures all the run off and allows it to be sucked into a waste tank and then disposed of in accordance with the local authorities.

Hazardous Material Containment

When containing highly toxic materials or flammable liquids do not suck these into the wet vacuum unit. The  vacuum is used only to create a tight seal between the boom and the surface. The liquid is not sucked through the boom and vacuum.

  • Outdoor vehicle washing
  • Internal equipment washing
  • Emergency storm water containment
  • Boats and ships – to prevent deck run-off
  • Marinas – to prevent contamination from contaminants and run-off
  • Parking lot or road washing – to capture dirty water run-off
  • Emergency hazardous liquid spill containment
  • Airports – to capture run-off from aircraft washing

What are some of the features of our Pollution Control System?

  • The unit can be used on any hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, wood and steel.
  • Fast set up and take down – less than 5 minutes for one person.
  • Simultaneously captures and sucks liquids.
  • Captures and contains concentrated flammables or hazardous liquids.
  • Materials used in the boom do not absorb liquids and contaminants so are easily cleaned after use.
  • Easy to store and transport. Vacu-Boom breaks down into 5 ft. long sections.
  • High degree of tolerance for acids, caustics and petro chemicals.

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*Always check local authorities regulations on disposal of waste water

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