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June 17

Live demo of a Pollution Control System

See our live demo of the waste water treatment and capture unit.

Complete Services are the sole distributors of the Pollution Control System

The black “Boom” sucks the water into a recovery machine as shown then once the 70 litre tank is full it automatically pumps the water at 150 litres per minute into a holding tank for treatment. This is a very efficient waste water treatment system and is easily installed. See below for more information on waste water treatment and other areas that is used such as golf courses, panel-beater shops and so on.


Keep dirty water and contaminants out of the storm water system with Complete Services pollution control system

This unit is available from Complete Services in Auckland

We also do waste water recycling and treatment units

Waste water capture and treatment is becoming more important each year due to the legislation being created to stop the excessive pollution in our stormwater drains which in turn pollutes the oceans and the rivers. A fact that a lot of people forget is that grass clippings dumped into the storm water are toxic to fish. Gray water is dumped and normally not used. This creates two problems. One is a waste of water and the second is creating toxic waste for fish.

Many countries overseas have waste water treatment systems to prevent grass from going into the waste water system. This is typical of Golf Courses and other sporting facilities that focus on keeping the environment clean and abiding by the local waste water legislation. This system allows you to reuse your water and recycle it after a simple waste water treatment procedure.

Below you will see the base unit for our Pollution Control System


The black boom extracts waste water into the unit pictured above. This unit will extract the waste water to a holding tank with a powerful pump that moves 150 litres per minute.

For a free demonstration of our wastewater capture pollution control system contact Nigel or Martin

For all your industrial water reclamation needs contact Complete Services

For stormwater detention tanks click here


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