June 17

Live demo of a Pollution Control System

See our live demo of the waste water treatment and capture unit.

Complete Services are the sole distributors of the Pollution Control System

The black “Boom” sucks the water into a recovery machine as shown then once the 70 litre tank is full it automatically pumps the water at 150 litres per minute into a holding tank for treatment. This is a very efficient waste water treatment system and is easily installed. …


May 22

Introducing Pollution Control waste water capture

With increased council regulations and the focus by community groups and legislators on preserving our planet for future generations, the waste water issue keeps raising its head and the solutions to this issue keep being demanded.
Waste water run off into seas and rivers is a cause for pollution and severe silting in areas however the storm water drains are also a major concern with chemicals and waste matter poured …


May 21

What is Pollution Control System

What is Pollution Control Waste Water Capture system?

Our pollution Control System is a dynamic new system to New Zealand, that stops waste water from running down the stormwater drains and causing harmful pollution to our waterways and rivers.

The water capture unit is also an effective spill containment system for many hazardous materials and chemicals including oil giving this dynamic unit a dual application in the market place. Suited for businesses …