Commercial Water Treatment Recycling Systems

Protect our drains and waterways from hydrocarbons and pollution.

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What we do

Clenco sell and service complete range of high quality wash water recycling systems designed to minimise water costs and protect the environment.

We also sell and service Industrial Cleaning Equipment


Why We Do It

Simply put, we love seeing clean work sites and helping the environment by providing industrial solutions for waste water. This in turn stops pollution from entering our beautiful seaways and rivers. Since 1993 we have been servicing, selling and supplying parts for heavy duty industrial cleaning and recycling machines, which means you are dealing with one of New Zealand’s most experienced suppliers.

What Does It Cost?

Please call us on 0800 426 6753 to require from one of our friendly staff members.

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I was amazed at how easy the Clenco vac boom was to use and how effective it is at stopping the filthy run off  from going into the storm water and the tide via the drains. A great product!

– Craig, Half Moon Bay Marina Client